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Currency - All prices are in AUD

Currency - All prices are in AUD
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Grab Bags

Look for bags to be available on Wednesday, January 18th.

DSA Granite

A limited number of sets will be available on January 30th.

G20 Semiotic

January Keyset of the Month to be available January 23rd.

SA Ice Cap

An Alternate Kit and an Ortholinear Set are now available in the KeyShop.

DSA sublimated Ortholinear Sets

Now in stock. Both the base and modifier sets now include two additional 1 space blank keys.

Group Buys

Full payment is required in advance before scheduling a Group Buy for production.
Partial payment of a Group Buy will not secure a production time slot.

Please do not email Melissa to find out the status of a Group Buy. The Group Buy organizer can update you on the status from their communication  with Melissa.

Lead Times

Generally, orders are scheduled as they are received but production lead time won't be given until full payment has been received.
Current production lead times are as follows:

DSA and DCS two-shot sets - 8 to 10 weeks depending on the size.
SA two-shot sets - currently booked through October 2017.
DSA and SA sublimated sets - 5 to 6 weeks, depending on the size.
Stock blank sets - within 3 business days from receipt of order. 
Stock sublimated sets - within 1 week from receipt of order.

Orders placed after 1:00 PM Pacific Time will not be processed until the following week.

Group Buy Stock Sets

As production time allows, we plan to keep the following sets in stock indefinitely:

Eve, Midnight, Deep Space, Green Tea, Dolch, Otaku, Quartz, Think Different, Jukebox, Hana, Granite, Stealth, Ice Cap, Industrial and Borealis.

Please do not email Melissa to find out when additional sets will be available. She will no longer be answering these emails. We will announce, either through an email or in "What's New", when sets will be available prior to putting them in inventory.

Purchasing additional keys

Additional keys can now be purchased when ordering our stock DSA sublimated or blank keysets. This option will allow a customer to further customize their keyset by choosing different colors for specific keys like, for example, the 1 space ESC key or the bottom row 1.25 keys. The key size chosen must already be included in the keyset being purchased. So, for example, you couldn’t order a 2.75 key when ordering a numpad kit. Also, when ordering an additional key for a sublimated set, the key size and legend description must already be included in the keyset.

Additional individual key, whether blank or printed, will cost $5.00 each. When ordering additional keys, use the NOTES section at Checkout to identify the key size, the color code, and the legend description if sublimated.

Purchasing individual keys

Keys previously manufactured for custom keysets and Group Buys may now be purchased individually as long as supply lasts. These keys sell for $10.00 each plus shipping. When checking out, you must IDENTIFY IN THE "NOTES" the name of the kit that includes the key, plus the description and size of the key.   If the key you are requesting is not in inventory, your money will be refunded.