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G20 Sublimated Sets


G20 Sublimated Sets


Product Description


The G20 keys have a flat touch surface that is larger than any of our other keycap families. This design slightly reduces the gap between keys allowing a smoother transition from one key to the next. The keys have a slight front to back slope, similar to the DCS Row 2 profile.

Color choices are for the keycap, not the legend color. Text/Legend color is Black.
You can reference the keycap colors in the Color section under RESOURCES.
All sublimated sets are PBT


G20 Sublimated sets are printed and shipped weekly per order demand. These sets are not in inventory.

TKL Base Set: 54 - 1 space; 2 - homing bars; 1 - 1.5 space; 1 - 6.2 unit spacebar

TKL Modifier Set: 19 - 1 space; 7 - 1.25 space; 2 - 1.5 space; 1 - 1.75 space; 1 - 2 space; 2 - 2.25 space;1 - 2.75 space

Numpad Set: 17 - 1 space; 1 - homing bar; 3 - 2 space

60% Base Set - 46 - 1 space; 2 - homing bar; 1 - 1.5; 1 - 6.2 space bar

60% Modifier: 2 - 1 space; 7 - 1.25 space; 2 - 1.5 space; 1 - 1.75 space; 1 - 2 space; 2 - 2.25 space; 1 - 2.75 space

Ortholinear Base Set (gray keys in the image): 42 - 1 space; 1 - 2 space

Ortholinear Modifier Set (yellow keys in the image): 20 - 1 space; 1 - 2 space

Alternate Kit: 11 - 1 space; 2 - 1.25 space; 7 - 1.5 space; 3 - 1.75 space; 1 - 2.25 space (NOTE: At this time, the 1.75 stepped CAPS and CTRL are not included in this set).


Additional Keys can be purchased when ordering our stock DSA or G20 sublimated or blank keysets. This option allows a customer to further customize their keyset by adding keys with a different color or a different legend.

Additional keys can only be ordered when purchasing a stock sublimated or blank keyset.

Note: The size of the Additional Key must already be included in the keyset being purchased. So, for example, you can't order an additional 2.75 key when ordering a Numpad kit because that kit doesn't contain a 2.75 key.

 There are two options when ordering Additional Keys:

 1. Additional Keys - Different Color. If you simply want to add an additional key to a keyset with a different color key to your purchase, without making a legend change, keys are $5.00 each. Use the "NOTES" section at Checkout to indicate the key size and the color you want.

 2. Additional Keys - Different Legend. If you want to add an additional key to a keyset with a different legend description than what is offered in the set, keys are $10.00 each. There is no additional charge if the desired key is a different color as well. Note, however, that the text on the key must already be in a set that we make. Ex. You want a 2u CONTROL key, this is currently only offered as a 1.75u key - requesting Different Legend means you will get this key as a 2 space key.

Use the "NOTES" section at Checkout to indicate the key size, key color and legend description you want.

 Note: Different Legends are only available in our standard Gorton Modified alpha/numeric font. Custom fonts or custom graphics may be purchased for an additional charges. Please email for a quote.


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